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a situation in which a public official's decisions are influenced by the official's personal interests

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But industry executives told the auditors that administering conflict-of-interest rules would add to the government's costs.
Managing Conflicts of Interest: A Primer for Nonprofit Boards addresses the most recent state and federal laws governing conflicts of interest; important legal concepts, including private inurement, private benefit, and intermediate sanctions; situations that give rise to conflicts of interest; creation of a conflict-of-interest policy and the need for proper disclosure; establishment of a procedure for responding to existing conflicts; the use of an organizational code of ethics and maintenance of an overall culture of integrity; and special considerations for private foundations in dealing with conflicts of interest.
that he will discuss this particular conflict of interest with a supervisory officer in order to determine the best way to resolve the conflict; but I believe that this still represents a conflict-of-interest situation, and thus the standard view requires no further modification.
But the policy, which specifically cited the Bayh-Dote Act, also suggested that individuals ought to be able to present to a conflict-of-interest (COI) committee evidence that, under compelling circumstances, the conflict had been adequately managed.
Rothenberg, discovered that nearly 66 percent of the 181 journals with conflict-of-interest policies had zero published disclosures of author personal financial interests in the study.
This study on conflict of interest goes on to outline a four-tier hierarchy of conflict-of-interest violations.
National survey finds 78% of not-for-profit organizations have conflict-of-interest policy
His veto of the nutritional supplement bill looks to me like a very clear violation of conflict-of-interest laws.
IRS personnel have indicated it is not necessary to maintain a central file for all conflict-of-interest waivers and that the records may be retained with the engagement file.
With the annoyed, and at moments palpably irritated, indulgence of the advisory committee's chairman--a physician who presided with his own freshly issued FDA conflict-of-interest "waiver" in hand--Graham presented a grisly report card to the advisory committee: One of every 1,800 Rezulin patients can be expected to develop liver failure, most of whom will die or, if they're lucky, undergo organ transplant.
Stossel maintains that media-inspired conflict-of-interest concerns have led the National Institutes of Health to forbid all corporate consulting by intramural researchers.
Its oversight committee is mostly exempt from state conflict-of-interest and open-meeting laws, which is significant, because members may have a stake in the institutions upon which they will heap millions in taxpayer-financed research grants.
Personal trading and other conflict-of-interest issues;
A recent report by the General Accounting Office (GAO) stated that the DOE's Albuquerque field office employed this novel oversight technique: They allowed contractors to make their own determinations on whether they had a conflict-of-interest on a given project.
Butler's position as Eagle Chairman, combined with his positions as CEO of Corporex and Chairman and majority owner of Commonwealth Hotels, present a significant conflict-of-interest.