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a situation in which a public official's decisions are influenced by the official's personal interests

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Conflict-of-interest issues were the 11th-most-frequent type of inquiry received by the CNA Accountants Professional Liability Risk Control team in 2015, but they had risen to eighth in 2016 and seventh in 2017 (through June 30).
But industry executives told the auditors that administering conflict-of-interest rules would add to the government's costs.
that he will discuss this particular conflict of interest with a supervisory officer in order to determine the best way to resolve the conflict; but I believe that this still represents a conflict-of-interest situation, and thus the standard view requires no further modification.
But the policy, which specifically cited the Bayh-Dote Act, also suggested that individuals ought to be able to present to a conflict-of-interest (COI) committee evidence that, under compelling circumstances, the conflict had been adequately managed.
Rothenberg, discovered that nearly 66 percent of the 181 journals with conflict-of-interest policies had zero published disclosures of author personal financial interests in the study.
Committee on Government Reform questioned the way the government is adjudicating conflict-of-interest issues among members of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices and members of vaccine advisory committees within the Food and Drug Administration.
This study on conflict of interest goes on to outline a four-tier hierarchy of conflict-of-interest violations.
In addition to more explicitly defining conflicts-of-interest, Revised Interpretation 1022 provides the following examples of typical potential conflict-of-interest situations when a CPA -
National survey finds 78% of not-for-profit organizations have conflict-of-interest policy
His veto of the nutritional supplement bill looks to me like a very clear violation of conflict-of-interest laws.
IRS personnel have indicated it is not necessary to maintain a central file for all conflict-of-interest waivers and that the records may be retained with the engagement file.
Sax said many lawyers in MDPs assume they are not practicing law and therefore are not subject to the legal profession's client confidentiality and conflict-of-interest rules.
With the annoyed, and at moments palpably irritated, indulgence of the advisory committee's chairman--a physician who presided with his own freshly issued FDA conflict-of-interest "waiver" in hand--Graham presented a grisly report card to the advisory committee: One of every 1,800 Rezulin patients can be expected to develop liver failure, most of whom will die or, if they're lucky, undergo organ transplant.
Stossel maintains that media-inspired conflict-of-interest concerns have led the National Institutes of Health to forbid all corporate consulting by intramural researchers.