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underground bed or layer yielding ground water for wells and springs etc

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Post-glacial entrenchment from scouring along river beds has been noted elsewhere as a means by which a mostly confined aquifer can be exposed at surface (Broster 1998; Broster and Pupek 2001).
The Lissie sand (of the Chicot aquifer) acts as a confined aquifer in the URI mine area, but very little regional hydrologic data for the Chicot is available.
2] can also be injected and dissolved into a confined aquifer, a method used by Norway's Statoil in the Sleipner gas field to avoid emission of C[O.
The concern was that the increased pressures in the underlying confined aquifer could be transmitted through the lower hydraulic conductivity clays to cause water levels in the clays to rise to the surface.
Artesian water comes from a well tapping a confined aquifer (an underground layer of rock or sand with water above it.
When a well is pump in a confined aquifer, the declining hydraulic head in the vicinity of the well enables the pressurized water to expand slightly, adding a small volume of additional water.
Artesian: Water that comes from a confined aquifer, where the water level exceeds the container's level and flows upward.
The Israelis, however, dug their wells to tap the confined aquifers whose quality and quantity are better.