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a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property

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A "NOTORIOUS" eBay fraudster had his jail term for dealing dodgy goods online cut on appeal after a judge said he was "not a very good" confidence trickster "as he keeps getting caught".
He's a confidence trickster and she's his insanely jealous lover and together they embarked on a bloodthirsty killing spree across America, killing women for their money.
The judge said Greenslade was a striking example of a confidence trickster and needed punishment to deter others from behaving in a similar manner.
Speaking just before he spent his 47th birthday behind bars, the notorious confidence trickster told Irish Sunday People how he was once part of an international fake art ring.
You tried to employ the same confidence trickster tactics on the jury, who saw through your story.
The Middlesbrough confidence trickster kidded people and organisations, including recruitment and airline managers, into coming on board with him.
A 43-YEAR-OLD serial confidence trickster was jailed for 15 months yesterday for defrauding hotels, B&Bs, hairdressers and other businesses in Pembrokeshire out of a total of pounds 10,000.
You appeared to have become, and for many years have been determined, to make a career out of being a confidence trickster and, in recent times, a confidence trickster of women.
Templeton, who has been jailed in Britain in the past on deception charges, was a classic confidence trickster.
A confidence trickster who stole pounds 31,000 life savings from a 91-year-old woman was jailed for five years yesterday.
25 Which confidence trickster was brought to life by George Cole?
Midlands rugby clubs have again been warned to be on the lookout for a confidence trickster who is operating in the area and making off with valuables bags.
The plot was masterminded by butcher and confidence trickster Darren Duvall.
The confidence trickster set up bogus insurance policies and then stashed his victims' cash in his own savings account.
Stafford was born near the Kray twins in Bethnal Green, East London, but insists he operated as a country-house burglar and confidence trickster, rather than living by violence.