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Indeed, an upper confidence bound of confidence coefficient CL has the form,
An adequate regression procedure must provide (a) statistically unbiased estimates of slope and intercept to compute unbiased point estimates of systematic bias at each medical decision level, and (b) an estimated confidence coefficient ([?
4) Selecting a confidence interval and its confidence coefficients, and deriving optimal levels of variables are also useful to insurers and other users of financial statements for controlling the risk associated with measuring the probabilities of other hazards including catastrophic losses and market crashes.
In the above formula, maximum permissible error (d) is 0/1, confidence coefficient is 0/95, t= 1/96, p and q are 0/5 and population volume is N.
The program Slope/w has a special ability at doing the mentioned analysis which is the major objective of the present case study in order to calculate the confidence coefficient to protect the dam.