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Synonyms for confession

Synonyms for confession

the act of admitting to something

a system of religious belief

Words related to confession

an admission of misdeeds or faults

a written document acknowledging an offense and signed by the guilty party

(Roman Catholic Church) the act of a penitent disclosing his sinfulness before a priest in the sacrament of penance in the hope of absolution

a public declaration of your faith

Related Words

the document that spells out the belief system of a given church (especially the Reformation churches of the 16th century)

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This section investigates and analyzes the liturgical theology of the rite of ordination of a bishop, beginning with the confessions of faith and continuing with the "Divine Grace" call to prayer and the holding of the Gospel book over the head of the bishop-elect.
On the "confessional issue" the synod in Halle had this to say: "The Confessional Synod of the German Evangelical Church in Barmen testified in its Theological Declaration to the essential prerequisite, without which the confessions of faith in force among us cannot be correctly taught and genuinely confessed .
Lutheran theologians made valiant efforts to draft confessions of faith and formulas of concord to heal division, without great success.
While most Pentecostals derive from a Wesleyan-Holiness theological stream, the movement has largely gained the high ground numerically among adherents of a New Testament paradigm of the church plus those who stress Christian experience over creeds and confessions of faith.
Let's begin with their confessions of faith and see if we aren't actually one in Christ.
Even though later Mennonite ,groups often developed new and more complex confessions of faith, the Dordrecht Confession was often the basis for revisions and therefore must always be kept in mind by researchers.
I report the contents: an introductory chapter places the Creed in the context of early Christian confessions of faith.
Lumpkin in his 1959 book Baptist Confessions of Faith, a book that Tooze admires, admitted that Baptists have long used confessions to draw lines between themselves and non-Baptists.
Written confessions of faith, Bryden believed, properly represent this pattern.
Credo: Historical and Theological Guide to Creeds and Confessions of Faith in the Christian Tradition.
Many of them ask what Luther's thinking means in many of today's issues--creation, resources, environment, attitudes toward oppressive governments, liberation movements, and people of different races, religions and cultures, attitudes toward different confessions of faith and ecumenical theology.
This is the introductory volume to the four-volume Creeds and Confessions of Faith in the Christian Tradition edited by Jaroslav Pelikan and Valerie Hotchkiss.
The articles on theological topics present a good concise statement of Reformed teaching and are illustrated by judicious references to the writings of the Reformers or to the Reformed confessions of faith, while those on issues of social justice demonstrate constant engagement with the issues of human community.
This articulation has been evident primarily in the confessions of faith of the tradition.
In their ongoing struggle over the contents of several written confessions of faith, both Askew and her interrogators show a keen awareness of the conversion potential such documents have to sw ay popular religious beliefs.