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a telephone call in which more than two people participate

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com, the largest privately held conferencing provider in the United States, provides conference calling services to over 25 million callers a month.
UberConference Business offers entire organizations an experience far superior to any other conference calling service available today.
Advanced conference calling services such as Powwownow's have allowed workers to join conference calls from anywhere in the world where they previously had to use hardware at the office.
Vapps is the leading provider of VoIP conference calling services and partners with service providers to provide complete online business services for the SME market.
We looked for a conference calling service with local access numbers in all those countries.
We have over 10 years' experience providing quality conference calling services and we are excited about expanding our services to Hungary and Slovenia.
Vapps is a technology enabled service provider leveraging its own software to provide VoIP conference calling services worldwide.
April 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Vapps, the global infrastructure supplier of VoIP conference call solutions, today announced that the Gizmo Project has deployed the Vapps VoIP conference calling platform to offer free worldwide conference calling services for its users.
com announced that the company's award-winning free conference calling services are now available in Belgium and Bulgaria.
KONFEREX provides conference calling services, offering a broad conference calling platform with full automation using VDSIP software with DSP for automatic gain control on a per line basis.
Universal Broadband Communications (UBC), a next generation telecommunications provider, has expanded its business service product offerings to include phone and web conference calling services.
Execution of the agreement concluded a 12 month trial of Bestnet's long distance and conference calling services involving the Fortune 100 company's offices in North America, Mexico and South America.
We focus on providing our loyal customers with the highest quality and dependable conference calling services globally and it is a great honor to be recognized along with some of the most talented innovators in the world.
Through the new program, TCA members who become customers of ACI are eligible for discounts in their conference calling services.
Gentner specializes in hands- free audioconferencing products with full-duplex sound, world conference calling services, and telephone interface equipment used in videoconferencing, broadcasting and distance learning applications.
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