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the southern army during the American Civil War

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A network of roads and navigable bayous extended nearly 70 miles south along the west side of the river, bypassing the impregnable river fortifications of the Confederate army at Vicksburg, Warrenton, and Grand Gulf.
When the Union Army got close to the steamer on the Yazoo River in Mississippi, the Confederate Army burned the ship rather than letting it be taken by the Union Army.
The twin ceremonies mark the 150th anniversary of the surrender by General Robert E Lee, commander of the Confederate army, in April, 1865.
President Lincoln, who appointed McClellan commander of the Army of the Potomac after that army's disastrous showing at the First Battle of Bull Run, had hoped that his dashing young general -- fondly called "Little Mac'' by his men -- would vigorously and repeatedly engage the Confederate army, thereby wearing it down through the superior number of men and amounts of material that the North enjoyed.
Allardice does note whenever conceivable the rank, particularly Confederate Army and state militia units proven in history whether in historical tomes, or in other writings.
Some professional and some talented amateurs, historians of the US Civil War profile eight generals of the Confederate Army who served west of the Mississippi River, a theater that historians are only recently beginning to study.
Jeffry Wert's A Glorious Army is an insightful command study of the senior leadership in the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia from the summer of 1862 until the summer of 1863, a crucial time in the American Civil War.
With regard to Civil War literature, much has been made about the initial great wave of Southern patriotism that swept thousands of young men into the Confederate army as secession took hold in the early months of 1861.
These concerns filtered into the ranks of the Confederate army leading to plunging morale, increasing desertion, and mounting frustration.
The primary infantry weapon used by both the Union and the Confederate army was the "single-shot, muzzle-loading, rifled musket measuring 4.
In September 1862, the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, under the command of General Robert E.
The North, with the help of freed slaves who joined its Union Army, defeated the South's Confederate Army and liberated millions of enslaved Africans held in captivity on sugar plantations in Louisiana, cotton plantations in Alabama, rice plantations in South Carolina, and tobacco plantations in Virginia.
THERE HE WAS, Abraham Lincoln in a Confederate Army cap, staring out of the page of an old Courier-Journal.
She learned that her army desperately needed spies to gain access to the Confederate army.
After looking at the diplomatic and propaganda efforts by Southerners (including US surveillance) he examines the procurement of supplies for the Confederate Army, the purchase of vessels, the role of spies, the famous Cotton Loan, artistic and literary connexions and, also, how businesses and banks actually did business with the new country.
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