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Synonyms for confectionery

candy and other sweets considered collectively

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a confectioner's shop

the occupation and skills of a confectioner

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He also demanded reduced mark-up for the sugar industry which will trigger investment in the confectionary industry increasing exports of sweets, bubble gum etc.
This will come on the back of strong growth for the confectionary industry as a whole as well as the positive consumer outlook.
The unbroken significance of the Russian bakery and confectionary industry for international companies is emphasized by the joint exhibition from Germany, 26 companies participated in Germany's joint booth, in 2008.
THE COMING into force of a new European Union (EU) health regulation on nutrition and health claims at the beginning of July has left the confectionary industry with a deal of uncertainty.
in the global confectionary industry and covers ingredient selection, manufacturing processes, processing equipment and packaging.
Each of the teams, which came from the confectionary industry, paid to enter the event and all the money raised will go to the Confectioner's Benevolent Fund, which supports disadvantaged people who have worked within the industry.
It also provides news for the confectionary industry, including sugar news, markets, and prices.
chocolate maker, has seen short-term slowing in the confectionary industry since the attacks on the U.
Access to most of the site is free, but some bulletins, such as the Dairy Industry Bulletin, Confectionary Industry Bulletin and the Microbiology Newsletter, will require a subscription.