Coney Island

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a section of Brooklyn on the Atlantic

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About Coney Island Brewing Company: The mission of Coney Island Brewing is to brew craft beer that captures the spirit, flavor and romance that is Coney Island.
is working with Thor Equities to implement additional programming, events and other amenities in Coney Island throughout the summer, as well as providing its expertise in urban management made famous at outdoor spaces like Bryant Park in Manhattan.
Mark Wahlberg is opening up a new 6,800 sf outpost in Coney Island
Like Times Square, Fifth Avenue, and the old Lower East Side, Coney Island has captured the imagination of New York photographers for decades.
The Coney Island brand family now includes Mermaid Pilsner, Seas the Day IPL and the new Tunnel of Love Watermelon Wheat.
Tom's owner Jimmy Kokotas said his Coney Island outpost will be open by May and he hopes to eventually keep it open year-round.
Astroland, the Coney Island amusement park, is planning a birthday bash for its grand old coaster.
Descendants of rowdy mummers and carnival revelers flocked to Blackpool and Coney Island, sharing much with their predecessors, but also modifying and adding to their play.
Short takes on such well-known New York venues as Broadway, the Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island, the Port Authority and Times Square.
The authors thank Sander Friedman, MD, former chairman of the Department of Medicine at Coney Island Hospital, for his critical review of this case report.
Nobody knows exactly how many Pakistanis have left New York in the last several months, but residents of Brooklyn's "Little Pakistan" on Coney Island Avenue talk of an exodus.
EVEN Hollywood's best efforts can't take the corny out of Coney Island.
At a time when immigrants crossed the Atlantic in their thousands to find a new life, the lights of the big wheel at Coney Island - visible 38 miles out to sea - were often their first glimpse of America.
Launched in the New York City area, its mission is to encourage national franchises to create opportunities for minorities in underserved neighborhoods such as Harlem, Bedford-Stuyvesant and Coney Island.
In his pictures of the beach at Coney Island his weird populism comes out most affably.