Conestoga wagon

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a large wagon with broad wheels and an arched canvas top

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Then people like Daniel Boone blazed trails west, through the Appalachians on to the Great Plains and, later, on to the West Coast the Conestoga wagons rolled.
Beautifully illustrated and accurately chronicled, Conestoga Wagons is an intriguing read.
Ask the descendents of the native Americans who were 'crushed beneath the wheels of the rolling Conestoga wagons of the white settlers' if they think the USA was a good thing
We no longer need bur oak groves to act as safety nets for Conestoga wagons heading west.
Its lumbering Conestoga wagons were drawn by yoked oxen some 800 miles.
I think we are at a moment in time similar to that in which settlers in Conestoga wagons lined up in St.
The settlers who won the west decorated their rooms, grand and humble alike, with wallpapers that arrived in Conestoga wagons, clipper ships, and railroad cars.
There were four Conestoga wagons in their party, as well as one shiny black buggy pulled by four black matching ponies.