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any of various plants of the genus Rudbeckia cultivated for their large usually yellow daisies with prominent central cones

any of various perennials of the eastern United States having thick rough leaves and long-stalked showy flowers with drooping rays and a conelike center

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PLANT a sunny, sheltered border with a butterfly banquet of scented and nectar-rich shrubs, such as buddleja, hebe, lavender and honeysuckle and fill the gaps with perennials, such as cone flowers, yarrow, asters, pinks and statice interspersed with a sprinkling of nightscented stock seeds to provide a sweet summer snack for moths.
The garden gods responded with cooler weather and two days of misty rain, a hydrating boon to the newly transplanted grasses, day lilies, cone flowers, hostas and other plants.
There are three major species of cone flowers, from which echinacea is produced.
Better still, pick one of the rudbeckias, or cone flowers, also known as Black-eyed Susan.
Weave a haphazard mixture of your favourite cottage garden perennials like bergamot, cone flowers and red hot pokers in among a river of swaying grasses.
Fading border perennials such as achilleas, sunflowers, poppies, cone flowers and acanthus intact will provide a magical display of skeletal flower heads and seed pods that look stunning when covered in frost or snow.
No late summer border is complete without the cone flowers, or rudbekias, with their deliciously bright, daisy-like blooms.
And now is a good time to sow summer-flowering perennials like aquilegia, cone flowers and phlox.
Plants such as the sedums, cone flowers, Echinops and pot marigolds are firm favourites, the latter being a real draw for red admirals.