Condylura cristata

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amphibious mole of eastern North America having pink fleshy tentacles around the nose

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Key words: ivory gull, Pagophila eburnea, arctic cod, Boreogadus saida, North Water polynya, star-nosed mole, Condylura cristata, stable isotope analysis, carbon-13, nitrogen-15.
Mots cles: mouette blanche, Pagophila eburnea, morue polaire, Boreogadus saida, polynie des eaux du Nord, condylure etoile, Condylura cristata, analyse des isotopes stables, carbone 13, azote 15
Vanderbilt University biologist Kenneth Catania and a colleague discovered this unrivaled feeding frenzy by filming the foraging moles, or Condylura cristata.
longirostris Bachman, southeastern SC shrew Family Talpidae (moles) S Condylura cristata (Rafinesque) NE star-nosed mole Scalopus aquaticus (Linnaeus), I eastern mole Order Chiroptera (bats) Family Vespertilionidae (vespertilionid bats) Eptesicus fuscus (Beauvois), big I brown bat Lasionycteris noctivagans I (LeConte), silver-haired bat Lasiurus borealis (Muller), red bat I L.