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a round bump on a bone where it forms a joint with another bone

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Cover the femoral condyle of the distal femur - asymmetric and symmetric in at least 5
When this method is used, the geometric center axis passing through the centers of the medial and lateral condyles can be used together to measure condylar motion (Asano et al.
The patella and condyles early in childhood are cartilaginous and not visible with plain radiography.
It originates approximately 10 mm inferior to the joint line of the posterior tibia and extends in an anteromedial direction to attach to the lateral aspect of the medial femoral condyle.
The majority of the lesions were on the femoral condyles, followed by the patellofemoral joint, talar dome, and tibial plateau.
Reddy AS, Frederick RW: Evaluation of the intraosseous and extraosseous blood supply to the distal femoral condyles.
Femurs were placed in the center of the gantry of the CT machine and lateral scans of the femur were taken paying special attention to conjunction of the contours of the PFC on one another and placing the femoral condyles in the center of the CT gantry.
The implantations involved the femoral condyles in 597 procedures, the patellofemoral joint in 118, the talar dome in 76, the tibial condyles in 25, the capitulum humeri in 6, the femoral head in 6, and the humeral head in 3.
Three parallel lines were drawn at the levels of 2, 7, and 12 mm from the tangential line at the distal ends of the medial and lateral femoral condyles.
Instead they have condylar facets vertically aligned, with a slight lingual emargination between the condyles, and the internal temporal fossa is deep and pocketed.
He and his colleagues found more evidence to back up their grisly theory by examining the Triceratops ball-socket head-neck joint - known as the occipital condyles - where they also found bite marks which could have only been made if the dinosaur was decapitated.
The distal part of the tendon is ossified and passes through the fibrous loop shortly above the condyles in company with that of M.
Fig 6 shows the macroscopic appearance of the articular cartilage surface of the femoral condyles and tibia in the artificial meniscus group (a) and the control knees (b) of six months after the operation.