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a passage (a pipe or tunnel) through which water or electric wires can pass

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The flexible conduit has a smooth wipe clean cover that does not wrinkle when bent, and is resistant to oils and greases.
In fact--when it comes to Wall Street conduits--the right intermediary will often deliver better terms by working with conduits quietly engaged in this scale of business, rather than some of the more obvious choices.
One of the greatest impacts the conduits have on the capital delivery industry is the expansion of the number of institutions that the intermediary must represent.
he IRS has previously applied conduit principles to disregard an intermediate entity apparently in an ordinary preferred stock situation; see Letter Ruling (TAM) 9133004 (stock investment in intermediate entity, followed by loan to the financed entity, its U.
On October 14, 1994, the Internal Revenue Service promulgated proposed regulations under the new conduit provision.
The NHL joins Major League Baseball, the Arena Football League, USACycling, and the Women's Tennis Association, as well as hundreds of other organizations of all sizes from different sports, including soccer, minor league baseball, Formula 1, basketball, American football, cricket, motorsports, golf, and rugby, and more, that have also leveraged the Conduit Platform to engage with their fans.
Although the availability of funds from this source is inexorably keyed to developments in the bond market, a number of conduit lending programs survived a rough ride in the August through October credit squeeze, and have recovered nicely since then.
Tight spreads have allowed conduits to compete with life insurance companies for A-quality collateral.
Conduit Network of more than 200,000 Web Publishers & 60 Million Users Will Select Winners for $15,000 in Cash and Prizes
The number of active conduits has risen dramatically in the past two years.
Since it's completely free, hosted and does not require technical skills, Conduit is an ideal solution for libraries often faced with complex budget and funding infrastructures.
Mortgage conduits are likely to be the fastest growing market component on a percentage basis, he adds.
Although these online communities are quickly becoming important conduits to consumers with well-defined shared affinities, keeping these communities vibrant and cool means smart marketers have to focus on providing meaningful solutions like Conduit's community toolbar.
They were virtually non-existent in 1992, but mortgage conduits this year will refinance nearly $2 billion of smaller income properties, helping to restore liquidity to the real estate market as they proliferate.