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a language that can be used to describe languages

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the four categories which constitute the "major framework" of the conduit metaphor [.
Following Lakoff and Johnson's analysis of the conduit metaphor, the following three metaphor themes summarize the ontological and epistemological properties of words, meanings, and communication:
While many who have investigated the conduit metaphor after Reddy have shared his distaste for it, it is not necessary to blame anything on it in order to realize that it is a remarkably poor model of what actually occurs in human spoken communication.
For writing, on the other hand, the conduit metaphor is not quite such a terrible match.
Note that if we posit a theoretical "inside" to a word, containing the real meaning that is only signified by the "outside," we get not only the missing pieces of the conduit metaphor as applied to writing, but also a replication--lodged in the collective unconscious--of the (pre)historical transition from tokenized accounting to cuneiform writing.