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an unaccompanied choral composition with sacred lyrics

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xliv)--namely the sequence, the conductus, and trouvere song--the absence of this information is surprising, especially since she wishes that her edition might "facilitate work to identify the various trans-Continental influences" (p.
When the machine is fully operational in 2015, STI expects this machine to produce an initial capacity of 750 kilometers of Conductus wire per year.
This diverse set of applications demonstrates that Conductus wire is applicable to numerous solutions in the Smart Grid architecture, advanced physics and high efficiency transportation fields.
Under the terms of the merger agreement, Conductus shareholders will receive 0.
It also illustrated the capacity of the medieval mind for invention, and some of the works, notably the complex three-part motet Ave parens and the robust conductus Vetus abit literra, with its thrilling harmonies, are masterpieces of sophisticated part-writing, by any standards.
Notable exceptions include Gordon Athol Anderson's publications of the monophonic conductus in the tenth fascicle of the manuscript F (Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, Plut.
In response to the notification from Nasdaq, Conductus has requested a hearing.
They form the bookends of the Hilliard Ensemble's Perotin, a disc that also includes "Alleluia Nativitas" and "Alleluia Posui adjutorium" along with two conductus ("Dum sigillum" and the monophonic "Beata viscera"), all attributed to Perotin, as well as three anonymous conductus.
Prior to joining GCT, Wilderink was Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer at Conductus, Inc.
At the meeting, stockholders will be asked to vote on the pending merger between Conductus and Superconductor Technologies, Inc.
The conductus and the versified Office figure prominently in three further contributions.
They have helped start and foster more than 200 companies, including Amgen, Applied Biosystems (acquired by Perkin Elmer), Archive (acquired by Conner), Aviron (acquired by MedImmune), Conductus, CV Therapeutics, Red Brick Systems (acquired by Informix), Remedy (acquired by Peregrine Systems).
STI has filed a Registration Statement on SEC Form S-4 in connection with the merger, and STI and Conductus recently mailed a Joint Proxy Statement/Prospectus to their respective stockholders.
The prose accents of the Latin conductus texts, in common with those of medieval Latin and vernacular song in general, often seem to be perversely treated when set to music.