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a material's capacity to conduct electricity

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2] diffusive conductances are altered in various pregnancy complications including IUGR.
More recently, using experimental mice, we have shown that maternal vascular growth is diminished, but total and specific conductances of the intervascular barrier increase, in placentas from pregnant mice exposed to particulate matter in urban air pollution (Veras et al.
the minimum temperature difference between the hot and cold streams) and the spatially resolved conductance.
The temperature measurements within the low pressure side of the recuperator are used to compute the temperature profile of the high pressure stream (as described in the "Experimental Apparatus" section and shown on Figure 2(b)), and the conductance (UA) of the heat exchanger section located between each temperature sensor.
Theorem 2 implies that the effective resistance of two vertices u, v in a connected graph with unit conductances is given by
Of course, we may state this question more generally for networks: Let G be a complete graph on n vertices and conductances on the edges.
BzATP induces greater maximal ion conductance than ATP in cells expressing P2X7 receptors; this may be the basis for the greater efficacy of BzATP for cytotoxicity (21).
Although some synthetic organic polymers do conduct electricity, biological molecules, such as proteins, had not shown such evidence of conductance.
where f is the packing factor and its value is [Pi]/6, while [Delta] is the Dirac delta function of the conductances (2).
n] is the parallel circuit equivalent of all other conductances between the first and the adjacent node.
As the magnetic field increases, the wire's conductance fluctuates up and down.