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Synonyms for condominium

one of the dwelling units in a condominium

housing consisting of a complex of dwelling units (as an apartment house) in which each unit is individually owned

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Keppel Land subsequently intends to enter into a sales and purchase agreement to develop a high-rise condominum with ancillary shophouses and shop units.
The new condominum tower planned for a location downwind of a chemical plant may soon be filled with residents who don't appreciate the associated odours.
More than five years after Foreman began looking, she became the owner of a $155,000, three-bedroom, two-bathroom condominum at 62nd and Dorchester in Woodlawn.
Although the forms are modern, the brick facade of Lander's Summit/Grotto Condominum townhowmes in St.
If you consider the cost of a total loss in your apartment or condominum, you'll probably pay the higher premiums for replacement-cost coverage and be grateful for the comfort of the protection --but you will need some proof you owned what you said you owned and paid what you said you paid for the lost, stolen or destroyed property.
Envisioned by interior designer Jamie Drake of Drake / Anderson, in his first condominum project, Manhattan View introduces 151 residences with river-to-river views and 44,000 s/f of exclusive resident amenities.