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Synonyms for condominium

one of the dwelling units in a condominium

housing consisting of a complex of dwelling units (as an apartment house) in which each unit is individually owned

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10) See Douglas C Harris, "Condominium and the City: The Rise of Property in Vancouver" (2011) 36:3 Law & Soc Inquiry 694 [Harris, "Condominium and the City"]; Van Der Mer we, European Condominium Law, supra note 6; Lehavi, Private Communities, supra note 2.
The particular freedom of peasant, far from being opposed to the public authority of the community, is founded directly on condominium law that gives its meaning and sense.
99); the condominium law was passed in 1965 and not in 1966 (p.
The group is represented by Ken Harer of Condominium Law Group PLLC in Seattle.
It is more commonly known as "Turkish Condominium Law.
In line with this, amendments may be necessary to the Foreign Investments Act, the Condominium Law, the Public Service Act and the Retail Trade Act, Belmonte said.
For example, if you rent a condominium unit, then you are bound to follow the renting law in your province as well as the condominium law in your province.
Part I of this comment provides a brief history of the Louisiana Condominium Act, definitions for certain condominium law terms, an overview of the legal perception of condominium associations as distinct private governments (15) whose constitutions are their bylaws and declarations, (16) and an overview of pertinent provisions of the LCA.
The Strata or Condominium Law, formalizing the set up of Owners Associations, came into force in April 2008.
The state's condominium law required resale certificates as a vehicle for third-party verifications and disclosures signed by an officer or an authorized agent of the association in any resale of a unit.
Bulk buyers of condo units are defined as developers under Florida's condominium law, making them liable for construction warranties and any prior misdeeds by the original developers.
Sultan Butti bin Mujrin, Director of Dubai Land Department, said the move was in accordance with the condominium law No.
In recent years, though, the understanding and management of condominiums has become more sophisticated and condominium law has matured.