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And by the way, if Atta Mills has rejected British foreign aid, just what did the administrations of Rawlings and Kufour accept and with what kind of conditionalities and from who and in what amounts?
Aid conditionalities were more effective in some contexts than in others as aid interacted with other circumstances to facilitate, or prevent, democratic transitions.
Norway kept its commitment of funding the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (MDRI), but didn't give additional funds, says Jostein Hole Kobbeltvedt, global economy advisor for Norwegian Church Aid, a not-for-profit organization which actively campaigns against the World Bank's heavy use of conditionalities.
The film also makes a timely suggestion that the issue of autonomy has not gone away, particularly as debt relief conditionalities mean that Ghana cannot choose how it spends its 'debt relief', for example by investing in the productive base of the economy.
Given the vast range of transactions that can be affected by governance conditionality, the issue has been a contentious one and has attracted stronger reactions from member-governments and the general public than has been the case with the traditional conditionalities applied by the IFI for two reasons.
It has led to more attention not only to the content of strategic development policies promoted by adjustment programs (what might be called the Washington Consensus issues) but also several matters pertaining to institutions, processes, criteria, and Forms of the allocation and use of external financial assistance, whether or not it is packaged with conditionalities concerning the Washington Consensus issues.
8) On the expansion of conditionality, see Devesh Kapur and Richard Webb, "Governance-related Conditionalities of the International Financial Institutions" (New York: G-24 Discussion Paper Series.
Officials said Tokyo is monitoring Kenya's response to conditionalities set by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
Despite unprecedented new conditionalities on revenues, Deby siphoned off almost $5 million--funds committed to social and development programs for local citizens--to buy weapons (see page 29).
It is not the purpose of the donor agencies to prescribe conditionalities without due respect to the unique cultural, economic and political histories of the people,'' he told Kyodo News.
It may jump to more than 5 per cent in the Sisyphean style, which would force IMF to pursue harsh conditionalities, including fast falling rupee.
It must be accompanied by conditionalities to ensure that the money saved was spent on such services as education and health, for the good of the poorer people.
Jagdeo said the ruling Peoples Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/CIVIC) would continue to resist austere IMF conditionalities such as the large-scale retrenchment of public workers, a wage freeze and the privatization of state-owned companies, such as the Sugar Corp.
Strategies for reducing the number of aid conditionalities and for enhancing recipient ownership of aid policies are proposed in light of the unsustainability of existing frameworks.
FDI up to 100% is allowed on the automatic route in most sectors/activities, subject to applicable laws/regulations; security and other conditionalities.
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