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the right of the state to take private property for public use

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32) In Conran, the Tax Court examined the record of the condemnation proceedings, and even the worksheets and notes of commissioners.
7) Florida courts have, however, achieved some balance for property owners by prohibiting the introduction of certain types of evidence in condemnation proceedings.
69) However, the court stated, "[b]ecause some delays relating to condemnation proceedings are natural and unavoidable, before the property owners have a viable cause of action for pre-condemnation damages, they must establish that there has been aggravated delay or untoward activity in instituting or continuing the condemnation proceedings at issue.
municipality initiates condemnation proceedings to obtain access to
After an initial purchase offer was rejected, the town announced a plan to initiate condemnation proceedings and, in response, the group filed suit.
In pursuing this argument, the Kus asserted that, because Missouri requires any appraisal used in condemnation proceedings to be performed by a state-licensed or state-certified appraiser, it should necessarily entail that the appraisal is required to be in compliance with USPAP.
Cornerstone is] involved in almost every case we've worked on," says Michael Rikon, a partner in the law firm Goldstein, Goldstein, Rikon & Gottlieb, which specializes in condemnation proceedings.
Canfield is a shareholder at Fabian & Clendenin who represents clients in litigation and other legal matters involving contracts, purchases and sales, partnership and entity disputes, real estate property title and priority issues, banking, condemnation proceedings, development, loans, leasing and other business, real, property and commercial issues.
Many states are looking at legislation that will give property owners more protection in condemnation proceedings.
Also during this time, two citywide votes were held to determine if the city should continue with condemnation proceedings or accept a mediated development agreement.
Tonight, the school board is set to consider designating about one-quarter of the land at Western Avenue and Westmont Drive as a ``preferred site'' for a $165 million high school, indicating it might try to acquire the land through condemnation proceedings after conducting a yearlong environmental review.
Strain of Sommer Barnard Ackerson, the whole IWC transaction is distinct for three reasons--its sheer size and scope, a strategy that bypassed traditional condemnation proceedings and led to a negotiated acquisition, and the brevity of the entire process.
It gave her 30 days to accept that amount or face condemnation proceedings.
During 2008 the Township of Edison in New Jersey brought suit to commence condemnation proceedings on a 0.