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the right of the state to take private property for public use

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32) In Conran, the Tax Court examined the record of the condemnation proceedings, and even the worksheets and notes of commissioners.
7) Florida courts have, however, achieved some balance for property owners by prohibiting the introduction of certain types of evidence in condemnation proceedings.
Michael McCall of the Virginia Department of Transportation spoke from the government perspective, talking of the VDOT's desire to end condemnation proceedings quickly and without conflict.
14, Telluride voters were asked a third time to determine whether the town should accept a mediated settlement with Neal Blue's company or whether it should continue with condemnation proceedings.
Officials were unable to immediately provide the price the CRA paid for the property in 1999, about three-quarters of which was acquired through condemnation proceedings before transferring it to L.
It gave her 30 days to accept that amount or face condemnation proceedings.
During 2008 the Township of Edison in New Jersey brought suit to commence condemnation proceedings on a 0.
Among her major projects were the 42nd Street Development Project condemnation proceedings, which involved more than 50 individual properties; the Penn Yards (Riverside South) land parcel; and a proposed theater transferable development fights program presented before the City Planning Commission.
Norris developed a focus in energy condemnation proceedings and project consultation.
A property rights coalition tracking the condemnation proceedings has uncovered at least 89 land condemnation lawsuits involving TransCanada in 17 counties from the Red River to the Gulf Coast - cases that could test the limits of a private company's power to condemn property.
City officials hope to strike a deal to buy easements from Eugene-based Romania without going through condemnation proceedings in court, the city's senior real property officer, Russ Royer, said Friday.
The district's 2020 plan is being criticized by east-side Lancaster property owners, who say the acquisition of large tracts of land for the project, which could involved condemnation proceedings on some parcels, is disrupting their lives.
3d DCA 1988), also rejected a condemnation blight type counterclaim seeking redress for lost business damages attributable to a two-year delay between the notice of condemnation and the actual institution of condemnation proceedings.