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Synonyms for validity

Synonyms for validity

the quality of being authentic

Synonyms for validity

the quality of being valid and rigorous

the quality of having legal force or effectiveness


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the property of being strong and healthy in constitution

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For the needs of the study, an assessment of concurrent validity has been performed--diagnostic FCS or, in other words, validity oriented toward the external criteria.
As the paper-based checklist data had already been collected in a tertiary ICU, a retrospective audit was designed to examine the concurrent validity of the checklist, with responses to checklist statements compared with data extracted from patient medical records (legal documentation of patient care).
A small-scale validity study undertaken to examine the concurrent validity of the ULAT.
The pictorial-verbal category scale of perception of exertion (OMNI-VIBRO) during lower body vibration exercise on a vibration platform showed good concurrent validity.
Three measures were used to assess concurrent validity of the self-advocacy scale.
The purpose of including the IRI items from the PT, F, and EC subscales was to assess evidence of concurrent validity for the EAI subscales AR, PT, and EA.
We studied concurrent validity to validate the three dexterous measures with each other and with the FMA, MAL, and SIS hand function domain obtained concurrently [37].
Concurrent validity of TISS-28 determined by examining the correlations between TISS-28 and SAPS II (r=0.
This test includedfactor analysis, reliability by internal consistency and test-retest repeatability, concurrent validity by comparing the ODI-I to the Visual Analogue Scale, and construction validity by comparing the ODI-I to the Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire, RMDQ, and to the Short Form Health Survey-36.
This study examined concurrent validity between the Teacher Efficacy Beliefs and Behaviors Scale-TEBBS (Nunn, 1998) with the Indicators of RtI Effectiveness Scale-IRES (Nunn, 1999).
The concurrent validity of the LLFDI was examined by comparing scores with 2 other established self-report instruments, the Short Form-36 physical functioning subscale (PF-10) and the London Handicap Scale (LHS).
Validity, reliability and sensitivity to change: Good construct and concurrent validity has been established.
2006) Construct and concurrent validity of the Australian Early Development Index A report to the Technical Advisory Group for the Australian Early Development Index: Building Better Communities for Children Project.