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Synonyms for concretion

the formation of stonelike objects within a body organ (e

an increase in the density of something

the union of diverse things into one body or form or group

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k] are also Public, and we obtain E [assertion sign] A:OkCPublic by (Level Concretion Public).
Analysis of a sample containing more material from these concretions could provide information about the variability within the rock layer that includes both John Klein and Cumberland.
An early phase of diagenetic evolution of the Kladno-Rakovnik basin can be deduced from the oxygen and carbon isotope data of Carboniferous pelosiderite concretions (Zak and Skala, 1993) from the Kladno-Dubi area.
deposition of additional shell material in the form of calcareous concretions, blisters and crests, ridges, or igloo-like structures on the inner surface of the valves, pearls, shell erosions like pits, depletion of host body reserves, alterations of host behavior and general debilitation and morbidity) (Lauckner 1983, Ituarte et al.
These features suggest that the concretions may have grown in episodes rather than all at once, she notes.
Ciric M, Skoric A (1972) Diagnostic characteristics of iron-manganese concretions in some pseudogleys in Yugoslavia.
The calcium stored in the concretions constitutes about 60% of the cuticle calcium content; the rest originates from the shed cuticle (also known as the exuviae) ingested by the animal just after ecdysis, and from food.
And large numbers of pills may clump together, forming concretions that are not easily neutralized with charcoal.
To pick one fruitful example, the concretions of American poet Michael Basinski are juxtaposed with those of the British poet/performer chris cheek.
The polishing paste after cleaning concretions - 20 cups 10.
The implication seemed to be that the aesthetic value of these works should be sought only in the unworked portion of mineral concretions that compose them.
The "blueberries" found earlier are concretions formed by the action of mineral-laden water inside rocks, but that is only one of the ways nature can make small, rounded particles.
The blueberries found in another place are concretions formed by the action of mineral-laden water inside rocks, which is an evidence of a wet environment on early Mars.
Heating value of oil shale layers can vary considerably within the location of the deposit and depends on concretions and limestone content [2].
The barite forms in the sometimes hollow centers of calcareous concretions found throughout the lower horizons of the Pierre Shale.