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a beam made usually of steel

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The objective of this research is to develop recommendations and guidelines for the inspection, evaluation, and repair or other needed safety and operational response related to damaged prestressed concrete girders.
For the permanent span, WSDOT considered three options: a truss span similar to the original span; prestressed concrete girders with a concrete deck; or steel girders with a concrete deck.
It is the monument to a single span, obliquely mounted, prestressed, continuously curved in plan reinforced concrete girder bridge with box cross section and attached Leitmauern.
Prestressed concrete girder bridges are the most common type of bridge used in Texas," says Dacio Marin III, a senior bridge design engineer with the TxDOT Bridge Division.
The best representative, the Koror-Babeldaob Bridge in Palau with the main span of 241 m, completed in 1977, was the longest prestressed concrete girder bridge in the world at that time.
Using ASI modeling, we now know that if the steel reinforcing bars in the main concrete girder had been doubled, the structure would have better withstood the blast and many more people would have survived," said Edward di Girolamo, ASI's Chief Executive Officer.
2 million contract to construct three new precast concrete girder bridges and new High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes by widening the existing median on the SR 51 Piestewa Freeway in Phoenix.
Tenders are invited for Epoxy painting of concrete surface of prestressed concrete girder of Br.
Company has equipped a Travelift gantry crane cab with training program developed in house and featuring armrest controls and two-screen projection of a prestressed concrete girder pick.
In contrast, a small version of box girder can be pre-cast in vicinity of construction site and fabricated in easy and fast manner as typical pre-cast concrete girder manufacture and fabrication.
Since it became commercially available in 2000, UHPC has been used in three prestressed concrete girder simple span bridges in the United States.
5 miles and will include the replacement of six bridges with new precast concrete girder structures, the reconstruction of one interchange, 12,000 linear feet of drainage pipe, 185,000 tons of asphalt, 76,000 cubic yards of base material, 126,000 cubic yards of roadway excavation, 25,000 square feet of retaining wall and 350,000 square feet of noise wall.
Users could experience the ease of operation while transferring a prestressed concrete girder from site staging area to a waterway dock deck in between two similar, finished structures.
Examples include specifying a column, pier wall, or abutment as having a stone fascia cover; specifying a concrete slab as hollow, a concrete deck as precast, and a concrete girder as post-tensioned; specifying a cable as being in a floating bridge or cable-stayed bridge; and specifying a steel girder as rolled, riveted, welded, or concrete-encased.
The existing bridge, built in 1955 is a nine-span reinforced concrete girder bridge.