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any of various edible tropical marine gastropods of the genus Strombus having a brightly-colored spiral shell with large outer lip

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The scientists found that all volatile compounds decreased over time during conching in all of the samples.
Next the refinement process ensures small particle size while the conching or kneading achieves the balance between the cocoa flavor, sweetness, richness and smoothness that Belgian chocolate is renowned for.
On 17 December 1887, eight years after the invention of the conching process by Rodolphe Lindt * (which marked the onset of the industrial production of chocolate), brothers Robert Frey (1861-1940) and Max Frey (1863-1933) were amongst the first chocolate pioneers in Switzerland.
Unlike most manufacturers, Ghirardelli controls the entire chocolate-making process, beginning with selecting the best cocoa beans, to its proprietary methods of roasting to intensify chocolate taste, refining for velvety smoothness, and conching extensively to bring out sophisticated, nuanced flavors.
As you may know, conching is the process by which chocolate is plowed back and forth through liquid chocolate, smoothing the chocolate and rounding out the flavor.
The candy should be exceptional, as Lindt & Sprungli have been making chocolates for 160 years, with Rodolphe Lindt pioneering the process of conching, the lengthy procedure of churning and stirring the chocolate paste until it develops a dark velvety texture that slowly melts on the tongue.
They invented milk chocolate in 1867 and Rodolphe Lindt's conching machine, invented in 1879, changed chocolate from a sandy, slightly sour product into the smooth chocolate we know today.
The cacao beans are roasted, winnowed and then finely ground in several iterations down to a smooth, thick, chocolate paste which is in turn conched, using time-honored conching formulas handed down over four generations, tempered and moulded into two-ounce chocolate bars.
Buhler now also covers all the steps involved in chocolate production, from gentle handling of the raw materials up to efficient processing of the chocolate mass by refining, conching, tempering and moulding.
It does not alter the grinding, conching and tempering process used in making chocolate.