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any of various edible tropical marine gastropods of the genus Strombus having a brightly-colored spiral shell with large outer lip

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Furthermore, both the bathymetry of San Andres archipelago (Andrade, 2001) that limit the queen conch dispersion among sites, as well as the environmental and fishing variable conditions, may induce phenotypic differences in the queen conch shells.
i) Build/constructing four corrals from old conch shells that is ready for holding conch and fish by October 2015.
opens with 'Wa-Rokael/Our Ancestors Bless You', beginning with a conch shell blast, continuing with undulating percussion and male vocals chanting; 'Yukayeke' is similar, but adds raspers to the drums.
In the tomb the study team found ceramics, jade jewelry, stone figurines and, most importantly, a jar carved in the shape of a conch shell that had some identifying characteristics on it.
Mounted on the wall near this heap of ebony, ivory, and wood was a conch shell, which, in a nod to Robert Morris's Box with the Sound of Its Own Making, 1961, as well as to Glenn Ligon's To Disembark, 1994, emitted the reverberations of piano keys falling to the floor recorded during the installation of a 2010 iteration.
The campaign kicks off with playful imagery of a conch shell as a phone - dubbed the "Shellphone" a" and communicates the campaign's decree: "The Sea is Calling.
There was the narrative excitement, of course, but what lingered, I see now, what took root and ripened, were the place names, the rivers, ridges, and ranges, the geographic word softly detonating and filling the head till my inner ear roared as of conch shell.
You can't throw a conch shell without hitting one of many such B&Bs, hotels and resorts (don't let the label "resort" mislead you--the islands too small for anything oversize).
Our ancestors adorned themselves with lip shell, conch shell, bone and all things natural which is reflective of the lip shell earrings with sterling silver ear wire and turquoise bead pendants that we create.
The Sunset Luau includes an open bar with Hawaiian cocktails; Hawaiian dinner buffet; authentic hula lesson for children; Hawaiian crafts and games; Pu or conch shell blowing contest; and live Polynesian music and dance performances.
At night, a special piece of conch shell magically turns Molly into a mermaid and takes her to the wonderful Undersea Kingdom where some sea creatures have completely disappeared.
Seven strokes takes the shape of a conch shell symbolizing the seven notes in music.
She learned that Hopi and Zuni used conch shell trumpets to manifest the voice of the plumed serpent, a deity who lives underground and caused the earth to quake and volcanoes to erupt.
His pretty, diaphanous stage set, dominated by a surreal, gigantic paper clip and conch shell, evoked Magritte and Dali.
A queen conch shell features a painted beach scene with the words Belize 1981.