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Synonyms for cooperation

Synonyms for cooperation

joint work toward a common end

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5 billion yen on March 18 this year, when Tokyo took concerted action with other Group of Seven advanced economies, which together intervened in the market to weaken the yen.
At both state and national level, governments appear unable to join the dots and work out that climate change is a serious problem demanding urgent and concerted action.
In a report by the enterprise and learning committee, AMs called for concerted action from the Assembly Government to improve young people's skills.
Last Saturday, Premier Erdogan had sent letters to main opposition CHP, DSP, BBP and SP to arrange meetings with the leaders of these parties to seek support for concerted action against escalating terror acts.
We also want to see more concerted action from local authorities to 'think small first'.
Summary: Amnesty International said Tuesday that the remains of kidnapped British journalist Alec Collett recovered last week "once again draws attention to the need for concerted action to reveal the fate of thousands of Lebanese, Palestinians and others who were abducted during the 1975-90 Civil War.
Only if theworld takes concerted action against Israel,which will mean the USA acting as a neutral referee, for once.
He also underlined the importance of strengthening a partnership with the Fund in the fight against those diseases, especially tuberculosis, which required concerted action to eradicate.
The detailed plan, with defensible principles, multiple measures and specific timeframes, and which takes into account the views of business and labour, will require consensus for concerted action to succeed.
He said: "I want to assure the community that crimes of this nature will not be tolerated and concerted action is being taken to find the person or persons responsible.
Admiral Mullen also encouraged Pakistani leaders to take more and more concerted action against militant extremists elsewhere in the country," it said, the Dawn reports.
CONCERTED action to make the UK's existing housing stock greener and more energy efficient could create a building market worth up to pounds 6.
She believes concerted action is necessary by the region's biofuels cluster to wake up Whitehall.
ABSTRACT : In this study, cattle microsatellite markers recommended for diversity studies of cattle by the EU AIRE 2066 Concerted Action Group were used to study the genetic diversity of 105 Thai swamp buffalo which were randomly selected from eight different research stations of the Department of Livestock Development, Thailand.
There is a strong case for concerted action across the EU.
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