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an orchestral composition based on literature or folk tales

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353-75) could have explored the importance of Cologne's concert life and the availability of a well-trained student orchestra for his reworking of two previously composed concert overtures when he took up the position at.
Another recording ranking among the oldest contained on the five-disc album is that of Dvo'fak's concert overture In Nature's Realm (12/1972), whose performance enthused the period critics yet is somewhat negatively impacted by the lower technical quality of the recording and the concert's live atmosphere; hence, I was impressed by it less than by Sawallisch's studio recording with the Philadelphia Orchestra (Water Lily, 1999).
The full programme which is designed to use every one of the Father Willis organ's 65 stops includes: Hollins' ' Concert Overture in C, Felton''s A little Trio, Stanford''s Postlude in D minor, Thalben-Ball''s Elegy, Jackson''s Diversion, Cockroft''s Lullaby and Healey-Willan''s Introduction, Passacaglia and Fugue Tickets from Kirklees Box Office on 01484 223200, on the door on the day of the concert or online from www.
It begins thrillingly, with Iain Sutherland's irresistible arrangement of the concert overture to Noel Gay's Me and My Girl (Lambeth Walk --get the idea?
Music from Prince Poterskin completes the disc and also to hand from the same force are the First and Fourth symphonies and a concert overture, which, like the early First symphony, bears strong Strauss influences.
The prodigy encountered August Wilhehm von Schlegel's translation during his youth in the heady intellectual and cultural environment of his parents' Berlin home, and composed the concert overture, opus 21, in 1826 while still a teenager.
Gordon will be playing Hollins' Concert Overture in C Minor, Buxtehude's Toccata in F, Stanley's Toccata for the flutes, Bach's Prelude and Fugue in A minor, Liszt's Funerailles, Verdi's Aida: Grand March, Wagner's Tannhauser: Elisabeth's Prayer, Wagner's Die Walkure: Ride of the Valkyries.
Local boy Elgar of course features ( Chanson de Nuit), and organ aficionados will be particularly pleased at the inclusion of Hollins' Concert Overture in C major, and Percy Whitlock's salty Plymouth Suite.
Almost everyone knows the truncated concert overture but few, myself included until then, know the full work (three acts stretching to little over two hours, so very approachable), and I can report I have been humming the tunes ever since.