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a group of musicians playing brass and woodwind and percussion instruments

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Martin reviews these difficulties and concludes that while terminological imprecision might explain in part why "scholars, critics, and opera historians tend to skim by concert bands," generations of snobbish attitudes contribute to a general neglect of concert bands now that they no longer dominate popular culture (p.
With popular music at one end of the cultural spectrum and the academic music of wind ensembles, an acquired taste, at the other, there remains no middle ground for viable concert bands unless conductors deliberately set out to recreate it, as some do.
com)-- When Dunedin Concert Band Director and Conductor Stephen P Brown realized President Lincoln's assassination and the first publicly recognized Memorial Day occurred so close to each other, he simply had to find live music to share with the residents of Pinellas County that reflected both historic events.
As a result, the Dunedin Concert Band will present 'Lincoln Legacy' by Michael Sweeney at a free outdoor concert in downtown Dunedin on Sunday, May 24 at 3pm.
At their performance called “Celebrate Sacrifice” on May 24, the Dunedin Concert Band will share some of the most inspiring military and remembrance music ever composed, including John Philip Sousa's 'Washington Post March,' John Williams' 'Hymn to the Fallen,' and a selection of Irving Berlin's songs for America.
Conducted and presented by Stephen P Brown, the Dunedin Concert Band is also very excited to perform with Guest Conductor John R.
NORTH Warwickshire and Hinckley College's concert band is to perform at a Christmas concert at Bedworth Civic Hall on Thursday.
Jonathan plays in the Stadium High School Concert Band, Tacoma Youth Symphony Orchestra, Principal Tuba and the Seattle Conservatory of Music Brass Quintet.
The strongest feeling I have about all this is a feeling of pride for my students,'' said Matt McKagan, the director of the jazz and concert bands.
Because Lindero Canyon had the only middle school concert band at the festival, its 82 members opted to compete against smaller high school concert bands.
A WARWICKSHIRE college's concert band is to perform at a Christmas concert at Bedworth Civic Hall on Thursday.