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Synonyms for paradigm

Synonyms for paradigm

one that is worthy of imitation or duplication

Synonyms for paradigm

systematic arrangement of all the inflected forms of a word

Related Words

a standard or typical example

the class of all items that can be substituted into the same position (or slot) in a grammatical sentence (are in paradigmatic relation with one another)

the generally accepted perspective of a particular discipline at a given time

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In the Shona moral conceptual scheme, the proverb only serves as a moral attitude that can be used to assess the practice of skin bleaching.
By summarizing the produce merchants' practices in the tables, it was possible to observe these dual insertions, an adequate condition to illustrate the potential of the proposal for investigation based on the conceptual scheme advocated in this article.
For Davidson, it is the very idea of separating the "data," or the cont ent, from "the beholder's share," or the conceptual scheme, that leads to muddles in philosophy, including versions of skepticism and relativism.
Haack then turns her attention to conceptual relativism, the thesis of which is that how many and what kinds of objects and properties there are in the world depend on one's conceptual scheme or one's vocabulary.
What is proposed is a conceptual scheme as one way to approach an examination of small world lives.
But it seems to me that he has no independent reason for being in this whole conceptual scheme.
To this end, they actively avoid privileging any one cultural framework or conceptual scheme at the expense of recognizing another.
Philosophical anthropology, as Hacker (5-11) conceives it, is a descriptive metaphysics of the human: it is 'an investigation into the conceptual scheme in terms of which we describe ourselves and our complex moral and social relationships, give expression to our inner life, explain, justify or excuse the thoughts, feelings and actions of human beings' (10-11).
It is then this conceptual scheme that is the immediate mental background of all scientific activity in any civilization.
The fact that one must start from traditions, from within a given, historically contingent set of beliefs and desires, does not mean one is stuck there, imprisoned in the schemata of language, hemmed in by one's horizon or conceptual scheme.
Forbes usually recognizes, and respects, the challenge of providing emotion in poetry; in "On the very idea of a conceptual scheme," he asks, "if it's pitiful to waste your time, weeping / at the margins of your life, is it better // not to give a shit?
Mahoney is quick to point out that Fermat's conceptual scheme was consequently limited to "the first quadrant of the modern coordinate system" (82).
was responsible for incorporating state-of-the-art personal service facilities and treatments into the overriding Miraval conceptual scheme.
What modifications in Gilroy's conceptual scheme as it applies to the contemporary post-Baldwin period are required by the distinctive geographical configuration of Toni Morrison's career?
Glock distinguishes conceptual from alethic and ontological relativism, defend a distinction between conceptual scheme and empirical content, and reject the Davidsonian argument against the possibility of alternative conceptual schemes: there can be conceptual diversity without failure of translation, and failure of translation is not necessarily incompatible with recognizing a practice as linguistic.
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