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For those who do not provide attest services to clients and therefore are unfamiliar with the Independence Conceptual Framework, applying the new conceptual frameworks may take some time to get accustomed to.
This report provides a conceptual framework to understand the ecologic characteristics of disease emergence based on between- and within-species transmission rates involving a potential disease reservoir population and a target host population.
One of its weaknesses, given the expansive literature in this area, is the conceptual framework and its reliance on social psychology and social theorists to explore identity construction.
The conceptual framework also helped us manage situations where analytical decisions later required re-evaluation--what Lester and Piore call the "tension between analytical and interpretive thought.
In contrast, a more modest investment in human resources will be needed to help reproductive health professionals and volunteers develop initiatives based on my conceptual framework.
In the next decade and beyond, researchers must perform the challenging intellectual task of integrating the insights gleaned from the rich but somewhat disparate research areas noted above into a comprehensive conceptual framework that can guide systematic research on the relationship between learning and information seeking in electronic environments.
Second, the book is organized into 14 chapters that provide conceptual frameworks for analysis of each of the four cases.
Using a grounded theory method of analysis (Strauss & Corbin, 1990), this process included data reduction and theme generation through open, axial, and selective coding to consequently generate a conceptual framework.
In an effort to asses the state of diversity and to promote diversity in the DAP, we use a conceptual framework called the "Developmental Stages of Diversity" (1).
Book-ending the show, and supplying its conceptual framework, are works by impressionistic forerunners like Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, Frederic Bazille and Gustav Courbet, as well as paintings by Edouard Vuillard and Pierre Bonnard, whose dreamy, stage-set interiors and ferociously intense palette inspired so many 20th-century artists.
Three underlying assumptions of CD are presented to set the framework for a more specific discussion of the conceptual framework of CD.
Pease and Pease suggest that because "women's history has been largely written within a conceptual framework of conflicting dualities" (p.
Lulla will be responsible for developing the conceptual framework and business models and implementing the operating infrastructure of Internet-based activities that capitalize on Nexstar's role as a leading television broadcaster in medium sized markets.
However, though the FASB did not object to AcSEC's undertaking this project on start-up costs, board members expressed concern that the FASB might not be able to support AcSEC's conclusions because the board had not specifically decided how its conceptual framework on assets applies to deferred charges.
The results were analyzed and compared to the conceptual framework and to student responses.
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