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Beyond the five categories already identified and articulated, several scholars and programs attempt to stretch the conceptual definition of financial literacy more broadly to include other dimensions.
A concept's measure is only as good as its formal conceptual definition (Bunge 1967 and numerous others).
Without clear conceptual definitions and consideration of the instrument's psychometric properties in the context of the particular culture, concepts related to HRQL may be defined empirically through scores on a standardized measure rather than a culturally relevant conceptual definition (Mast, 1995).
A likely future trend is movement toward greater consistency in conceptual definition and classification criteria similar to what occurred in mental retardation in the 1950s and 1960s (Reschly, 1992).
In summary, the conceptual definition of EG that we offer (see Table 1, stipulative definition) appears to be a better definition for generating EGs at least in marketing, and hopefully, in other disciplines as well.
PRODUCT OVERVIEW II-8 Nanotechnology II-8 The Coming of Nano-Age II-8 A Conceptual Definition II-8 Nanoporous Materials II-9 Key Characteristics II-10 Select Nanoporous Materials II-11 An Insight into Key Features, with their Significance II-11 Applications II-12 Catalysis II-12 Thermal Insulation II-13 Gas Storage II-13 Membranes II-13 Electrodes II-13 Photonic crystals II-14 Bio-encapsulation/Drug Delivery II-14 Bio-implants/ Tissue Engineering II-14 Major Bottlenecks II-14 Development Process and Production Technique II-15 Preparing a template II-15 Synthesizing Materials II-15 Functionalization II-15 Process Improvement Over the Years II-15
Service Oriented Architecture - A Conceptual Definition II-12
Ruggiero is responsible for all phases of large scale IT project delivery, including conceptual definition, executive approval, managing scope, design, implementation, testing and production cutover.
Nanotechnology - An Overview II-3 Introduction to Nanotechnology II-3 A Conceptual Definition II-3 Evolution II-4 Building Blocks of Nanotechnology Used, Components and Final End-Use Products II-4 Nanotechnology - Product Types II-5 Dendrimers II-5 Fullerenes II-5 Nanobelts II-5 Nanocapsules II-6 Nanocrystalline Materials II-6 Nanofibers II-6 Nanoparticles II-7 Nanoporous Materials II-7 Nanosprings II-7 Nanotubes II-8 Nanowires II-8 Quantum Dots II-8
2004 to 2006 Joint conceptual definition phase - 2005 Board decision on ATO - 2005 Board decision on formal launch - 2005 CSeries official launch - 2006 Joint development phase - 2007 Detailed design phase - 2008 First flight - 2010 Entry into service
Between 1962 and 1975, Gambaro directed programs at The Aerospace Corporation relating to the conceptual definition and implementation of advanced technology systems for space.
Jacobs will provide necessary technical and functional assistance during the conceptual definition phase, managing the work from its Paris office.
For more than 30 years, RS&H has provided conceptual definition, design, management, test and checkout services for launch sites for the U.
Those who proffered conceptual definitions for citizen diplomacy might be prescriptive of what the policy should achieve and how it should be implemented while at same time expressing judgmental assessment of the implementation of the concept.
It also elaborates a set of theoretical and conceptual definitions of violence and security that helps the reader to understand how violence will be discussed in the book.
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