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a grouping of a number of similar things

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After evaluating Clustify, we are impressed with its unique approach to conceptual clustering and near-duplicate identification for e-Discovery," said Brad Jenkins, President and CEO of Trial Solutions.
By leveraging its Coda (TM) Technology Assisted Review platform, conceptual clustering, data analytics and statistical analysis - BIA has created a unique hybrid solution that continuously gathers and leverages the human intelligence gained during a review project.
AQG uses conceptual clustering to determine the context of a user's search.
To present the user with the results they are most probably looking for, AQG uses conceptual clustering to assemble a single page containing the very best hits from each of the most relevant concepts, both from the intranet and the Web.
Instead of page ranking, an approach which has been proven to be ineffective in the link free enterprise, Automatic Query Guidance uses conceptual clustering to determine the context of a user's search and present the most appropriate results along with other suggestions, even from few or single word queries.
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