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an album whose recordings are unified by some theme (instrumental or lyrical or narrative or compositional)

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The Kinks Present A Soap Opera is one of the most provocative and personal of The Kinks' '70s-era concept albums, and finds band leader Ray Davies exploring several of his favorite lyrical themes on such prime Kinks kuts as the poignant "A Face in the Crowd" and the wacky "Ducks on the Wall.
A provocative and challenging concept album, it matches tunes and firepower with a story that captures the voice of a pissed-off generation, and it is the best of the band's career.
While most groups worried about chart positions and appearances on Top of the Pops, they were recording concept albums about the history of the world and the life of Michael Jackson, while McAloon measured himself not against the pop stars of the day but renowned American composer Stephen Sondheim.
Band members Robert Wynia, Peter Cornett and David Amador are known for their progressive concept albums, stylized storytelling, intense live performances and devoted fan base.
However, whatever we all think of the various albums produced over the years - and I include the "boring" concept albums produced by Yes and ELP - the media presses them because they are commercial concerns.
The Beat Goes On was one of the first concept albums, presenting the band's own history of music from Mozart and Beethoven to Elvis and Glen Miller.
Not to say the Who on Monday didn't drop a few beats; allow Entwistle a bass solo reminiscent of Spinal Tap; flirt with its concept albums, including two songs from the long lost ``Lifehouse Project''; and turn ``Magic Bus'' into a 10-minute workout of confused folk jazz.
Like The Who's rock opera Tommy or concept albums by the Beatles and Pink Floyd, which spoke to previous generations, Green Day's critically acclaimed American Idiot is a modern audio-documentary that addresses the concerns of a new disenfranchised generation during a time of great social and cultural change.
Queensryche will perform their critically acclaimed and commercially successful concept albums Operation: Mindcrime and Operation: Mindcrime II in their entirety in the UK for the very first time, including a gig at Newcastle City Hall on Saturday.
He would have been a perfect accomplice for Sinatra's bleak, broke-my-heart concept albums like ``Only the Lonely.
Album-cover design gradually evolved into an art form over the course of the '60s, just as the production of singles passed over into LPs and finally concept albums.
When Beatlemania shifted from fans' screaming at those cute mop tops in concert to pondering the greater meaning of their concept albums with a head full of weed, Janis Joplin, Janis Ian, Laura Nyro, Joan Baez, and Grace Slick appeared on the scene to let it all hang out, bras not included.
It is without a doubt best looked at as a complete work as all true concept albums are.
This was before he was rediscovered and turned into a fearsome American icon by Ri k R bi b hi h Rick Rubin, but everything here - from the biblical odysseys, through the historical concept albums, novelty turns, children discs, and Dylan and Springsteen covers - shows the raw material was there ready and waiting all the time.
Concept albums are nothing new for Queensrche, the veteran "progressive" metal band with the curious umlaut.