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an album whose recordings are unified by some theme (instrumental or lyrical or narrative or compositional)

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Protest Songs - written four years earlier but not released until 1989 - followed, with ambitious concept album Jordan: the Comeback and then Andromeda Heights all making the top 10.
The album has often been compared to the likes of other notable concept albums, such as Pink Floyd's The Wall and The Who's Tommy.
While supplies last, when you purchase any configuration (regular cd edition, limited edition-deluxe hard-bound version and limited edition deluxe box ( 3LP's, 2 CD, book and poster) available only at Best Buy) of the initial pressing of Judas Priest's double disc concept album, 'Nostradamus' (release date - June 17th), specially marked CD's will contain an insert with a exclusive code inside the CD package for one free lawn ticket to see Judas Priest on selected dates of the Metal Masters tour this summer, courtesy of Live Nation (see below for a complete list).
She has made ambitious concept albums and duetted with Tom Jones and Robert Plant, and lived to tell the tale.
Not to say the Who on Monday didn't drop a few beats; allow Entwistle a bass solo reminiscent of Spinal Tap; flirt with its concept albums, including two songs from the long lost ``Lifehouse Project''; and turn ``Magic Bus'' into a 10-minute workout of confused folk jazz.
Like The Who's rock opera Tommy or concept albums by the Beatles and Pink Floyd, which spoke to previous generations, Green Day's critically acclaimed American Idiot is a modern audio-documentary that addresses the concerns of a new disenfranchised generation during a time of great social and cultural change.
LANDMARK: Pretty Things; GROWING UP: (From left) Billie Joe, Mike and Tre; THINKING BIG: The Who, The Kinks and Pink Floyd made a host of concept albums between them; THEATRICAL: The Lips
Any fan of British rock remembers the string of concept albums forged by the Kinks in the late '60s and early '70s, from ``Lola vs.
The Louvin Brothers were among the first Country acts to do concept albums including "Tragic Songs of Life" and tribute albums to The Delmore Brothers and Roy Acuff.
NITIN SAWHNEY Human HHHH The real fruits of multi-cultural Britain are to be found on Sawhney's sumptuously ambitious concept albums.
Among the greatest, if most underrated of Southern soul divas, Jackson cut two classic concept albums about romantic triangles for the Spring label in 1974 and 1975.
A Soap Opera and Schoolboys In Disgrace (both originally released by RCA in 1975) represent the end of the band's critically acclaimed string of theatrical, satirical concept albums, while Sleepwalker (1977) and Misfits (1978) marked the band's move to the Arista label and introduced the streamlined melodic rock approach that would reestablish The Kinks as a major commercial force in the 1980s.
If we're not careful, they'll start leaving out the gaps between songs and producing concept albums.
I mean, who wanted to know that the musical education of Buffy's creator, Joss Whedon, stopped at Kate Bush's Lionheart and soft rock concept albums by Styx?
In an age when the concept album is as rare a beast as the fairy kings in Einion and Olwen, Siddi seem happy with the label.