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having a common center

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Kevin Knight's set consists of a series of concentric circles (a reference to the rings of a tree), while, inexplicably, his costumes seek their inspiration in India, not ancient Greece--N.
The researchers arrayed the bands in concentric circles.
If you think about schools as a series of concentric circles, with core competencies to more supportive activities to the incidental, the level of controversy depends on how close you are to the core," Chubb says.
Among the myriad topics: segmentation of hybrid motions via hybrid quadratic surface analysis, spatial statistics of optical flow, detection of concentric circles for camera calibration, efficient block noise removal based on nonlinear manifolds, detecting rotational symmetries, and layered active appearance models.
No matter the origin of the term, the "49" generally involves lusty singing, on an informal basis, by a great many people who often dance in concentric circles (round dancing) around a central drum which is manned by whoever happens by.
Picabia's quirky, and incidentally very graphic, black-and-white renderings of the spiraling effects of Duchamp's rotoreliefs, strewn with colored bodies caught in concentric circles, make painting look viable only because it is now entirely inexpressive.
It strives to respond to Christ's apostolic call to geographically concentric circles of ministry, from local to global, because, as Hong explains, "we believe that this is where the heart of God is.
As a memorial, officials said, a new sculpture garden design is planned that will include three raised concentric circles planted with Majul palms and Canary Island date palms.
We are at the larger of the two where the asphalt is painted with concentric circles, ready to set off--at the blazing top speed of 35 mph--in GM's Graphyte concept SUV.
Car 24 processes 60/80 cartons a minute thanks to a special loading disk featuring two concentric circles which enable two cartons to be filled per cycles.
The themes in Doing Member Care Well are arranged around five concentric circles, representing the levels of care needed to keep missionaries going over the long haul: (a) master care (by God Himself), (b) self/mutual care, (c) sender care (mission and agencies), (d) specialist care, and (e) network care.
However, a review of our lives will often reveal that we travel in concentric circles.
The congregation sits around the altar, in concentric circles, experiencing God in their midst rather than above them.
These streets are circular because only the concentric circles provide equitable access to a center, which is not only the center of the material world thus constructed, but also the spiritual center of the community: the central mosque.
The map showed nationwide epidemic patterns spreading in concentric circles from western-central Japan to eastern Japan.