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a penal camp where political prisoners or prisoners of war are confined (usually under harsh conditions)


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a situation characterized by crowding and extremely harsh conditions

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In the larger ghettos, up to 1000 people were picked up and brought by train to concentration camps or death camps.
in concentration camp He then disappeared in 1997 after being stripped of his Canadian citizenship for lying on his application form.
We saw pictures before we went but seeing the concentration camp first-hand was something else completely.
Under no circumstances should a 9-5 job at a bank (most likely with a lunch break) be compared to life in a concentration camps, even if the chief executive officer and HR Manager decide against renewing someone's employment contract.
The main lesson from Auschwitz and other concentration camps should be to reduce intentionally targeting civilians in military conflicts, not to politicise it.
It was German expertise that designed, built and developed the concentration camps right across Europe.
Non-aliens," "evacuation," "relocation camps," and "apartments" comprised a nomenclature designed to obscure the reality of American citizens denied due process, assumed to be disloyal by racist military officers and politicians, and banished as political prisoners into a gulag of concentration camps constructed of primitive tar-paper barracks and surrounded by barbed wire and guard towers equipped with searchlights and machine guns.
There were German concentration camps in Poland, but there were never any "Polish concentration camps.
BELSEN, in the town of Lower Saxony, North West Germany was one of the Nazi's most infamous concentration camps.
THE sheer scale of the killing made a lasting impression on a group of Coventry students who visited two former Nazi concentration camps.
4, 1944, their hideout was raided and they were sent to concentration camps.
Even now, more than 65 years after he spent exactly 951 days in four concentration camps, including the infamous Buchenwald camp, he still can't talk about the camps without crying.
About 5,000 Ukrainian-Canadians were interned in 24 concentration camps in seven provinces between 1914 and 1920--107 of them died--while another 80,000 lost basic civil rights.
Specifically written for young readers, I Will Plant You A Lilac Tree is a gripping first-person account of one woman's struggle to survive Nazi concentration camps.
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