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Synonyms for consensus



Synonyms for consensus

the quality or condition of being in complete agreement or harmony

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agreement in the judgment or opinion reached by a group as a whole

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With the recently signed ASEAN concensus, we are confident that our efforts and advocacies in the legislative department would be given adequate attention for the sake of providing sustainable future for our citizens here and abroad.
Most, if not, all, favored to neutral with different percentage of probability, based on concensus and PAGASA's model result," said PAGASA-Cebu officer in charge Engr.
Of course it is a natural duty to respect other people's ways and beliefs but if there is not a sufficient concensus on basic values then there is no society.
But the general concensus of opinion is that The Giant Bolster will be going into retirement.
While it could not be decided in the meeting could the exact steps the party should take, there was concensus that the party lacked a cohesive leadership in the state.
Since the 1994 Kyoto climate conference there has never been a total concensus amongst ecologists on what can be practically adopted.
GARY STEVENS- October 28, 1987 THE free-scoring Liverpool team of 1987-88 was, by popular concensus, one of the most formidable that Anfield regulars had ever seen.
Our considered view, after months of efforts on chemical weapons and after 2-1/2 years of efforts on Geneva (peace talks), the humanitarian situation is that there is no viable path forward in this Security Council," she added, hinting that the US is willing to act outside Security Council following the deadlock in bringing concensus among world leaders on military intervention on Sysia.
Either we support the direction that the government is following or we sit down and discuss in a civilised and democratic way, putting forward points of view and coming to a concensus.
A more nuanced Post-Washington Concensus was then developed, with emphasis on 'social capital' and redressing some problems of 'market failure', albeit showing considerable continuity with neoliberal principles of 'sound' public finance and trade liberalisation.
We seek to discuss this issue in the cabinet to reach a concensus, and if
Fitzpatrick added that because there is no concensus among Eugene residents about how to handle issues that arise from homelessness, solutions will be difficult to find.
This is Romford, of course, and the general concensus seems to be that the heat success was a freak and the strong-running seed will never turn quite so handy again.
While there was concensus for issues such as compulsory micro-chipping and the end of "puppy farms", others provoked concern over the viability of dog breeding in general.
Against this complex economic and political backdrop, European leaders may struggle to reach a concensus on the "comprehensive package" of anti-crisis measures they have promised to unveil at a March summit.