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a swindler who exploits the confidence of his victim

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Travelling con men usually target senior citizens, people with a disability, residents with little or no English and full-time mums or carers, through door-knocking, letterbox drops and illegal signs.
BEIRUT: The fifth time was not the charm for a gang of con men based in the Beirut suburb of Nab.
As per the agreement, the con men gave Jabal Al Toor three cash cheques between January 3 and January 12 totalling around Dh96,000 as one-fourth payment of the total order.
Rumour now has it that these two con men are living at No 10 and 11 Downing Street.
Skog gives a solicitous performance as Harry Roat, the master manipulator of the trio of con men, coming across very cold, almost businesslike in demeanor.
The con men are both thought to be aged in their 30s and are of medium build.
This trickery was solemnly sold by the state's con men as an interim, stopgap measure, sure to be ended when the good times returned.
The pensioner was treated for shock after three con men tricked her out of pounds 140 when they called at her home in Smorrall Lane.
POLICE are again warning of doorstep con men after an 85-year- old Coventry woman was conned by bogus water company workers.
A PENSIONER in Long Itchington took on a gang of con men after he realised he was being robbed.
But like sweet-talking con men on the telephone, the disease can prey on younger people, too.
40pm on Monday, an 83-year-old man let three con men into his home in Clifford Bridge Road, Walsgrave.
Under the glossy surface of Hollywood lurked desperation, petty crime and con men.
The con men called at Beechwood Court, in Rounds Gardens, on Tuesday afternoon and claimed they were working for Severn Trent.
Simi Valley police said they have not received any reports of people taking advantage of residents, but they anticipate that as the year comes to an end, con men will be coming out of the woodwork.