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a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property

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Incompetent crooks trying to con job hunters have blundered beautifully.
CON JOB Conor McAleny celebrates putting Wigan ahead at their promotion rivals
A fun jaunt on a jet ski for a group of young German visitors last Friday ended as a nightmare, leaving six battered victims of a well-oiled con job.
PLASTIC Sky Movies Premiere PLASTIC Sky Movies Premiere 9PM PREMIERE Credit card scammers Ed Speleers and Sebastian De Souza (below) fall foul of 'geezers' in sub-Hustle con job hopefully pitched as Catch Me If You Can meets The Italian Job.
A witness who was used to pull off the con job said he came across a newspaper advertisement when he was searching for a job.
The two became adversaries after a con job went wrong, in which Keller killed one of their partners and let Neal live as he saw him as a "worthy opponent.
Advice on how to bring up kids is crucial but David Cameron is guilty of another con job.
Con Job (Cal y Arena, 2010), el escritor Joseph Roth mostro, por enesima vez, que desde una tradicion cultural especifica se pueden plantear problemas que atanen a todo el genero humano.
Anti-sleaze campaigner Lib Dem Norman Baker added: "It's the usual Tory con job.
I would like to voice my disgust with Rob Chin's review of Tatu's latest release, 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane ["Baby Dyke Con Job," February 18].
An effective con job has been performed by the siren voices of power-hungry European politicians masquerading as peacemakers.
Mitchell has some history of mental disorder, but Graebner described her effort to use it for a legal defense as "a lousy con job.
A 14-year-old kid--Jonathan Lebed of Cedar Grove, New Jersey, reportedly pulled off the most startling cyberspace con job to date.
That leaves my colleagues with a very great concern - a lot of them think that this is a con job by Gerry Adams and that, unfortunately, Tony Blair has been deceived," he said.