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a swindle in which you cheat at gambling or persuade a person to buy worthless property

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Lenny's arrival always means trouble for the con artists working for the Doctor, so it seems that the season finale won't end well for Maddie, Max and the Bumblers.
The presenter has consulted lawyers but been told the con artists are based in Africa and it would be too costly to hunt them down.
He was exploited by con artists in Belgium, Holland, Australia, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Fiji and the US who promise the huge sums after "just one more purchase" from the victim.
Colonel Dr Rashid Mohammad Bu Rasheed, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, said Abu Dhabi Police are keen on educating the public on the methods con artists use to trick people on the phone, email and other innovative ways.
6 THE GRIFTERS (1990) A 6 A 6 NJELICA Huston, John Cusack and Annette Bening play three con artists doing their best to stay one step ahead of the law.
4 THE STING (1973) PAUL Newman and Robert Redford movie about a rookie con artist learning how to pull off a big con to avenge his murdered partner.
HUSTLE (2004)Tony says his inspiration for this popular drama about a team of con artists came from shows such as The A-Team and classic 1973 film The Sting, starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford.
Following this scam and other efforts by con artists to deceive people, police have warned the public to be careful when making any transactions and not to trust strangers so easily.
The Alzheimer's Society say vulnerable pensioners are falling victim to con artists, cold callers, scam mail and unscrupulous tradesmen.
MIDLAND residents are being warned that they are the latest target of a security scam which is duping them out of hundreds of pounds and netting con artists tens of thousands in cash.
Summary: As Muslims across the world prepare for the upcoming hajj season, con artists in the United Kingdom are preying on the faithful and scamming them out of thousands of pounds with hajj packages that
The warning echoes one issued this week by the Federal Trade Commission, which cautioned Americans that the massive spending program has already attracted con artists with "proverbial bridges to sell," as the New York Times put it.
Every year, scams are becoming increasingly complex as con artists discover new, sophisticated ways to fleece the public.
Any programme boasting the presence of Robert Vaughn will be a smooth affair but this series about con artists and baddies is so slick it's best not to put any ornaments on top of the telly or they'll slip off.
Bar Unlicensed Practice of Law Counsel Lori Holcomb said she has recently had three UPL complaints filed that involved scams other than sweepstakes and lotteries and where the con artists posed as lawyers with readily available contact information.