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French philosopher remembered as the founder of positivism

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Also connected to this development was the abiding admiration for Comtian social science under the Progressive banner.
This Comtian Positivism, which ultimately goes back to the Greeks, reduces water to a substance consisting of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen attached to each other at a certain angle and having certain physical and chemical properties.
According to the positivism, especially to the Comtian one, religion is an archaic thing remained in human history.
5) It did so, moreover, without any promise of a future democratic restoration, speaking of "los tres tiempos," the economic, the social, and the political, with a Comtian certainty in the evolutionary sequel of its authoritarian program.
During the nineteenth century, great rational constructions and Comtian positivism bewitched our thinkers' minds and infected our leaders, turning their thinking about the state into a sort of "geometry" (Ortega y Gasset [1927] 1974).