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Also back then chatting up girls was an art, with none of this computor dating, text or email rubbish.
Its computor models were summarized for the non-initiated by the analogy of the lily pond.
The navigator was the aircraft's brain, using charts and tools such as the Computor Dead Reckoning Mark 4 (left) to factor speed, wind, direction, radar, and other variables, and determine where the aircraft was and where the target was.
Keri Rees (Eversheds), Terry Monks (Specialist Computor Holdings) and Peter McHugh (Eversheds)
What the goverment has done is turn to computer-based technology on the assumption that everyone has got computor access and are computer literate - a fine assumption from a Prime Minister who admits he's useless with it.
Tenders are invited for pothuvitharanam - installation of 10 kva ups, providing additional computor nodes and improvemnts to electrical installations in taluk supply office kozhikode.