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(computer science) the technique of representing the real world by a computer program

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The allies will hold Ulchi Freedom Guardian, which is largely a computer-simulated exercise, on August 20-31, the Combined Forces Command said in a statement.
About 6,500 troops -- 4,500 American and 2,000 Filipinos -- began Balikatan, an annual exercise which would include computer-simulated command post exercises, in several areas, one of which is in Palawan, in southwest Philippines that faces the South China Sea.
Kansa i Electric Power Co's No3 and No4 reactors at Ohi nuclear plant in Fukui prefecture, western Japan, are the first to have passed government-imposed, computer-simulated stress tests, a necessary step before any restart.
SAFETY STANDARDS, POWER WORRIES On Tuesday, Noda ordered the compilation of provisional safety standards reflecting the lessons learned from the Fukushima disaster, in addition to computer-simulated stress tests that the two Ohi reactors have already passed.
One alternative is to replace wet labs with computer-simulated exercises.
The last section, on evaluation, gives information on formative evaluation of an Arabic online vocabulary learning game, and evaluating the effectiveness of an inquiry-based computer-simulated lesson in physics.
Computer-simulated results will be used by Better By Miles, and by fleet operators, to equip vans with battery packs that are appropriate to their intended use - everything from milk floats to refrigerated vans.
submitted to the government Friday the results of a computer-simulated safety test, called a stress test, on the No.
The researchers wanted to travel even further into cyberspace by evaluating a weight-loss program offered in a virtual-reality environment, where visitors use avatars to interact with others or the computer-simulated environment--in this case, a fitness club.
The authors of this study used a computer-simulated model (the Coronary Heart Disease Policy Model) to estimate the benefits of potentially achievable populationwide reductions in dietary salt intake of up to 3 g per day (1200 mg of sodium per day).
Known as Juniper Cobra, it includes target practice against missiles, both real and in computer-simulated exercises.
American forces taking part will include 17 ships and ground personnel operating the Aegis and THAAD missile interceptors, which will be meshed with Israel's Arrow II missile-killer for computer-simulated tests, the Israeli official said.
SeoulCOs Joint Chiefs of Staff office said 56,000 South Korean troops and 10,000 US soldiers were taking part in the annual five-day Ulchi Freedom Guardian drill which involves computer-simulated war games.
At 98 feet in length, it offers 17 different computer-simulated scenarios that can replicate fires burning in an aircraft's cockpit, galley, toilets, landing gear, seats, fuselage and engines.
It is set in a future where musical instruments are banned and teenagers are subjected to computer-simulated boy and girl bands.
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