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software used in art and architecture and engineering and manufacturing to assist in precision drawing

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Intergraph and AutoCad computer-aided drafting systems are employed on nearly all projects, giving The Eggers Group advanced production capabilities and allowing the firm to produce drawings quickly and accurately.
Computer-aided drafting capabilities ensure a consistent, high-quality drawing format.
The company's principals, Bruce Waschuk, 31, Dale Murphy, 31, and Kevin Routledge, 34, have the credentials to be what they are; leading Canadian consultants in the field of computer-aided drafting.
It specializes in network systems and computer-aided drafting and engineering.
The admittedly jaded Foundyller says this new software changes the way computer-aided drafting is done, by "thinking one step ahead of the user.
Established in 1985, Mid-West CAD is an experienced integrator of Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) and Design services for professionals in Kansas City and the Mid-states region.
Mr Sin said the department will provide more training courses this year for vocational skills that are in high demand, such as taxi driving, metalwork and welding, computer-aided drafting, multimedia production and programming, to help facilitate prisoners' smooth reintegration into society upon their release.
Certified by the state of New Jersey in computer-aided drafting technology, she is obtaining her professional architect's license as well as her master's degree in business administration.
This young man started talking about the computer-aided drafting coursework he was doing and how he was going to use it to support his family.
Once complete, the 22,000-square foot facility will provide space for Internet-connected classrooms, computer-aided drafting labs, a graphic arts lab, a network administration lab, a web page design lab, telecommunications technology labs, computer maintenance labs and areas for a variety of other information technology-related tools and instruction.
And it was no different with constructing the ornithopter, says Spence, who laid out the contraption's drawings on a grid using a three-dimensional computer-aided drafting system to determine dimensions and refine the design.
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