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a desktop digital computer that is conventionally considered to be more powerful than a microcomputer

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Delivery of computer workstations, servers, printers and other equipment, according to the Technical Specification at the time of initiation.
Delivery of computer workstations, printers, servers and spare parts for the central management of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to Technical Specifications for each Lot, an integral part of the documentation for participation in lots as follows:
Contract notice: Supply of computer workstations, printers, servers and parts of central administration of the ministry of foreign affairs.
360 Degree Web is a pioneer in developing application software to secure access to computer workstations, using a smart card to authenticate the user," said Paul Beverly, vice president Smart Cards and eTransactions for SchlumbergerSema North America.
Contract notice: Acquisition of computer workstations.
Applications for Advanced Circuits include cellular and Internet infrastructure equipment, file servers and data-storage systems, computer workstations, cellular handsets and personal communication devices.
Project Description:The approval of this project will ensure computer workstations are replaced on a five-year rotation.
1 million, the company's DRS Advanced Programs unit in Columbia, Maryland, will design, integrate, test and deliver fourth-generation TEMPEST rack-mounted servers and computer workstations, as well as Zone and TEMPEST Compaq(R) workstations and peripheral equipment.
Contract notice: Provision of Computer workstations.
Designed for scalability from mainstream computer workstations to supercomputing servers, the UltraSPARC II(TM) meets the demands of today's intensive, network-centric, multimedia-rich applications.
Contract notice: Machinery and equipment for the modernization and expansion of maritime simulators team shootings and rocket artillery, including computer workstations with specialized software to depict the process of shooting.
Typical applications include communication and computer network servers and routers, computer workstations, notebooks and desktops, mainframe and storage systems, and instrumentation and test equipment.
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