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a game played against a computer

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GT Interactive Software's plans to release ``Mike Piazza Strike Zone'' computer video game for Nintendo64 later this month are on hold, as the company decides what to do with the fact its headliner no longer wears a Dodgers uniform.
The Mortal Kombat generation,'' Robinson called them, after a computer video game by the same name.
Konami Digital Entertainment was established in Los Angeles in October this year as a new base for the Computer Video Game Division.
Fueled by a sudden popularity in game rooms that spring up quicker than coffee shops in Seattle, computer video game players in Korea are addicted to StarCraft(TM).
This feature is of special interest to computer video game enthusiasts as now they may enjoy their favorite game on the much larger viewing area that television monitors provide.
Alberta Stock Exchange: VRX)--The Becker Group, and associates thereof, have concluded the previously announced share subscription with Virtual Universe Corporation (The Alberta Stock Exchange - "VRX") to further support development of The Parallel Universe (TM), Virtual's interactive platform for computer video game and business collaboration technology.
Mills said that she also ignored the effect of late-night Internet or computer video games on sleeping patterns among adolescents, which has been a concern to teachers complaining that some pupils are too tired to concentrate on their schoolwork.
Huge participation seen in computer video games: The Punjab Sports Complex, where the youth are showing their skills in sporting events, the huge participation in the computer video games was witnessed.
Kids have iPods, computer video games, iPhones and other gadgets.
Adolescents who spend a lot of time watching TV or playing computer video games tend to be at a higher risk for engaging in all these risky behaviors," contends Penny Gordon-Larsen, assistant professor of nutrition.
market for online PC games, as computer video games are categorized, is expected to reach $1.
Although the report did not offer any criticism of more mainstream computer video games such as Quake, Unreal, Marathon, or Duke Nukem - all of which allow players to commit various acts of violence against virtual human beings, albeit with non-brand-name flamethrowers, rocket launchers and machine guns - it did call for legislative action against these brand-specific games.
Provide a place for kids to watch videos, play computer video games, or just horse around.
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