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a method of examining body organs by scanning them with X rays and using a computer to construct a series of cross-sectional scans along a single axis

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BodyTom(R) is the latest product in NeuroLogica's line of computer tomography solutions.
Contract notice: Computer tomography with accessories purchase to leasing.
The topics include changes in the molecular structure of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene under the influence of thermal and radiation modification and of time, intermetallic phases formation in the hot dip galvanizing process, stereological and statistical evaluation of grain size in experimental nickel-based and conventional supercoarse sintered carbides, the effect of material and technological conditions on the quality of metal matrix composite castings, and applying computer tomography to characterize the structure of a metallic-ceramic composite foam.
Dentist Roger Seiler from the Centre for Evolutionary Medicine at the University of Zurich has now examined Otzi's teeth based on the latest computer tomography data and found that: the loss of the periodontium has always been a very common disease, as the discovery of Stone Age skulls and the examination of Egyptian mummies has shown.
Medical Imaging Industry: Hospital Computer Tomography (CT) Census
Drawing on years of experience in multidetector computer tomography (MDCT), Teasdale and Aitken (both clinical neuroradiology, Institute of Neurosciences, South Glasgow U.
According to InVision, the acquisition provides it with complementary technology for its computer tomography (CT) explosive detection systems (EDS) as diffraction technology will lower alarm rates and operating costs.
Pro: Clinics across the country are offering head-to-toe computer tomography scans.
Using very high resolution X-ray computer tomography, they discovered a pattern of to oth replacement exactly like that of modern marsupials.
Obtain includes one (1) computer tomography software and the necessary interconnected analysis of images, as well as one (1) varjoaineruisku intended tietokonetomografiatyE[micro]skentelyyn.
The 91 papers explore such aspects as modeling and simulating a hydraulic wind turbine, the principle of a novel load sensing hydraulic system and design of the electronic control system, a mechanical model of non-magnetic mineral particles in magneto hydrostatic static separation, a reflective optical-fiber hydrogen sensor using two-wavelength light sources, the parametric design of a roller conveyor based on top-down assembly modeling technology, and the three-dimensional simulation and repair of skull maxilla and dentition based on computer tomography scanning and laser sintering technologies.
The scientists said that the computer tomography had allowed them to see far more than they would ever have been able to with the naked eye, with the creature was exposed a layer at a time.
This book reviews current research and recent advances in the use of magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonography, computer tomography, and nuclear and molecular imaging for the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis, especially rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.
YXLON additionally produces Computer Tomography (CT) systems for industrial applications.
Computer tomography scans indicate that he did not have third molars, or wisdom teeth.
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