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industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing computer storage devices that allow the storage and retrieval of data from a phase change, magnetic, optical, or magnetic/optical media.
The Worldwide Computer Storage Device Manufacturing report, published annually, contains timely and accurate industry statistics, forecasts and demographics.
The court also ordered Piedra to forfeit his computer storage devices, which he used to commit the offenses.
Magnetic Random Access Memories (MRAM) are the most important new modules on the market of computer storage devices but offer short access times and unlimited writing properties.
Coventry Magistrates' Court heard how Wayne Elliot, of Elm Tree Avenue, Wood End, stole three computer storage devices to the value of pounds 54 belonging to PC World.
SEPATON makes disc-based computer storage devices that can be added to a company's existing storage equipment to back up electronic data more quickly than with tape-based systems.
PC World will no longer stock the computer storage devices once its existing supplies have been sold.
The first computer storage devices were rectangular pieces of paper.
Arkfeld walks readers through lists and explanations of basic computer storage devices that are likely to be very familiar to most readers of this review; judicial definitions of computer concepts that may strike the experienced reader as elementary are quoted, all for the purpose of bringing Luddite lawyers up to speed on IT concepts.
Older computer storage devices that are critical to radar and flight management functions were replaced by Lockheed Martin in a rapid deployment of faster, more reliable technology at air route traffic control centers (ARTCC) across the country.
For decades, computer storage devices have been directly attached to the host computing platforms, which generate the data being stored.
DPAC's products are used in electronic circuits found in network servers, computer storage devices, medical instrumentation and communication devices.
69 billion manufacturer and marketer of computer storage devices.
Components of the System Unit -- Computer Storage Devices -- Database Management -- Privacy and Ethics
Prior to working at Candescent, White served in various financial capacities at Conner Peripherals, a multi-national manufacturer of computer storage devices, last serving as a Senior Vice President with responsibility for worldwide fiscal management of the company.
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