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(computer science) the technique of representing the real world by a computer program

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Organized into three parts, this informative book first defines computer simulations and describes how they are different from live-action and paper-based simulations.
Our computer simulations can then be used to help design personalized weight management programs to address individual needs and goals," added Hall.
A computer simulation was developed to provide such a vehicle for comparison.
Objective: Using computer simulation, a foundry molding with resin-bonded sand wanted to improve the casting quality and optimize the yield (45%) of the adapter component.
Los Angeles transportation officials argue that much of the technology needed for computer simulations is already in place or being studied on both the city's surface streets and highways.
Computer simulations offer a cost- and time-effective supplement to the traditional practice of building prototype models for experimental testing.
Whatif also develops games and computer simulations as showcase content for any hardware including PCs, advanced consoles and cell phones.
Computer simulations of this process match the observed range of sizes, with the exception of the smallest halos within which tiny galaxies, called dwarf galaxies, form.
Goulds Pumps eliminated the guesswork in sprue cup design by testing its gating systems with computer simulations.
New developments over the past five years now make it possible to automatically generate estimated input data for running complex PBPK computer simulations.
And in the research world, computer simulations eat up millions of random numbers in a matter of seconds.
To lower costs and reduce expensive lead times on new components, progressive foundries are beginning to implement computer simulations of casting solidification using new software packages.
The indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (ID/IQ) contract has a ceiling value of $15 million, and covers computer simulations for training crews in how to operate the hull, mechanical and electrical systems of Navy ships.
powerful computer simulations enable analysts to calculate many different parameters related to a tsunami strike and to display them in a variety of ways.
In addition to full-scale laboratory testing and computer simulations, CGM technology is proving effective in about 30 glass furnaces worldwide where it is helping glass industry manufacturers in the float, container, tableware, television, and fiberglass sectors.
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