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(computer science) the technique of representing the real world by a computer program

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Both wet lab and computer simulated pracs were fun and really enhanced my learning'
Dixon is desperate to prove his worth after losing a computer simulated match against Rocky in his prime.
Computer simulated sports have also contributed to the decline of darts.
UFL is considered the world's largest computer simulated exercise, and is conducted by the U.
and abroad through live lectures, video/book self- study, online lectures, question banks, books, software, and computer simulated exams.
The targets were computer simulated Scud ballistic missiles, which the Arrow has been designed to intercept at altitudes of more than 30 miles.
IDSI), received instructor input and guidance to create a comprehensive, computer simulated, end of course, three-day exercise.
government experiment, what was then the world's fastest computer simulated a thermonuclear blast in three dimensions (161: 189).
Youngsters spun upside down, touched a space shuttle insulation tile heated with a blowtorch, did a simulated moonwalk, and guided a space shuttle through a computer simulated landing.
The Titan Corporation's wholly owned subsidiary Titan System Corporation has been awarded a contract to design and execute complex, computer simulated war games for advanced tactical training of the U.
THE Paddy Power firm, Ireland's biggest off-course bookmaker, is to run a computer simulated version of the Gold Cup, Champion Hurdle and Queen Mother Champion Chase in the light of the Festival being called off.
More importantly, it allowed the valuation of lumber yield from a computer simulated sawing of the sample sawlogs using the Best Opening Face (BOF) sawing simulation program developed by the USDA Forest Service [12].
Participants will work in a realistic computer simulated solution, based on BTS leading simulation technology which will be designed, developed and customized to reflect a realistic business environment in the mobile handset industry.
Physicists compare the decay paths after a particle collision to predicted computer simulated decay paths.
There was no need for fancy charts or complex computer simulated models predicting the direction of the share price.
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